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Baby Meets Marine Dad | Military Homecoming

Military homecomings have to be one of my favorite things to photograph or video. The emotion you get from seeing couples and families reunite with their loved ones is just overwhelming at times. They go months without seeing each other, except maybe through a phone or computer screen. Calls are short so letters are written just like old times. Being a military spouse is one of the most challenging things in life but oh, so rewarding.

The Harmon family's reunion was hands down one of the most emotional homecomings I've ever done! Baby Athazel was born about halfway through Derek's deployment so he physically missed out on the first four months of his son's life. As I was waiting for Clarion's husband's return, I got to know about their sweet love story and that Derek had the name 'Athazel' picked out for his son since he was a kid! How sweet! Once the buses arrived, the Harmon Family was whole again! Seeing Derek meet his son for the first time was so bittersweet! Watch their homecoming video below.

Also, with military homecomings, I offer special priced mini sessions as a welcome home gift! They opted for the session and I'm so glad they did!

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