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Get to know  Kim as a person and photographer 

Behind the camera

Kimberly Nicole Photography jacksonville, nc photographer

Photo by Alicia Q. Photography

             I'm Kimberly, but most people just stick with Kim. I'm currently located in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I live here with my husband of 9 years who has supported me in everything I do, especially my photography business! We have two sweet boys & two fur-babes that entertain us to no end. I'm a firm believer in seeing the best in everything and making every moment count. When I'm not behind my camera or editing away on the computer, you can find me playing down on the floor with my kids or shopping online for home decor!


A few of my favorite things...

Disney · donuts · home decor · Kate Spade · the beach · peonies · sunsets · Target

I can't pinpoint the moment I knew this was want I wanted to do with my life; it just gradually happened. My interest in photography started when I was about 11, when my older sister enrolled in a film photography class at her school. Being my big sister, I always looked up to her and mimicked just about everything she did. She then got a digital camera which soon became something we shared, and from then on, I've fallen in love.


I started Kimberly Nicole Photography in 2014 and it's been an adventure ever since! I love using bright, natural light for my sessions which I shoot on location. Colored images are my go-to but I'm a sucker for a moody black & white! I aim to capture my clients in a way that reflects my style, but allows them to show their personalities. I feel so blessed to have found my passion at a younger age and my dream is to continue capturing moments for couples & families to cherish forever!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, now I'd love to get to know you!

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